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Celebrating 25 Years of Solutions at WNS: A Look Back and Predictions for the Future

WNS is celebrating our 25th anniversary! As we reflect on these years in business, we are reminded of the relationships built with our customers, community and family. At WNS we fully understand that this past quarter of a century has been, because of your continued trust in us, a partnership we look forward to continuing.  

Celebrating 25 years of solutions at WNS

When the Wireless Network Solutions, Inc. (WNS) started in 1997, CEO Tom Eagan, sold his first handheld scanner. Since then, our industries have changed, mobile computing technology has developed at expedited speeds and barcode scanning and label printing needs have expanded alongside these advancements. Including WNS’s addition of software solution offerings (software development, mobile device management, and more).

WNS original logo, celebrating 25 years of solutions
Original Logo from 1999

A note from Founder, Tom Eagan:

" The business has transformed from a technology standpoint, when I started it was primarily handheld scanners, scanning barcodes in a manufacturing line. At the time it was the infancy of Wi-Fi and data capture. After 25 years the mobile data capture has advanced multiple generations, handhelds still hold space, but they have taken a backseat to Android enabled mobile devices."

As we look forward to the next 25 years, we embrace the future and all it holds. As industries grow and change, we want to have a strong presence, offering more solutions to data collections needs. We have shown this growth with the development of our inspection and maintenance app, Inspector+, an Android app and Cloud based offering. Utilizing barcode scanning to increase productivity and accountability. This client lead design is catered to meet your needs by collecting data in the field and providing real-time data.  

Founder Tom Eagan celebrates 25 years of solutions at WNS

Note from Founder, Tom Eagan regarding our customers:

"We are forever grateful for the people we have long term relationships with, and that they have placed their trust in us. We want to continually meet and exceed expectations.

Although it may look different than that first sale, our mission stays the same, to provide total hardware and software solutions to help increase productivity in your business."   

Our small business has been family owned and operated since the beginning, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to understand our customers’ barcode scanning needs. If you are a current customer, thank you, we value all our clients. And if you are a future customer, welcome, we look forward to working with you!  

The WNS Team


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