WNS proudly partners with Sandpiper Digital Payment* to provide a total POS package solution. 


More information can be found below or on the Sandpiper website. 


*Sandpiper is the parent company of our direct partner Payment Solution 




Payment Solution’s software consists of two components: a frontend POS component (CASHMAXX) and a central back-office component (TRADEMAXX). The CASHMAXX software is fully capable of handling all credit-card/cash operations and all other basic POS functionalities (e.g. ringing sales, menu display, connecting to remote printers, etc.).


TRADEMAXX is our back-end management software component. It is set up in a dual-server configuration to provide ample backup for all daily sales data. The software is capable of all the basic backend modules (e.g. POS management, card management, inventory control, analyzing/reporting).


Transaction data entered through CASHMAXX is automatically transferred to TRADEMAXX when online. In the event of a network crash, all transaction data is stored in the local POS unit until the transfer can be made. Online capability is only necessary for non-business-critical functions (e.g. data collection, reporting, clearing) while business-critical functions (e.g. guest spending) are fully capable offline.



Our POS software is comprised of three different payment subsystems:

  • Cash Option

  • Open-Loop Option –for handling credit-cards

  • Closed-Loop Option – for handling Loyalty cards

The closed-loop option is what differentiates our system from traditional stadium POS, by introducing the capacity to fully integrate customizable loyalty cards. The loyalty card acts exactly as any other pre-paid card: customers would pre-load their loyalty card prior to or during the stadium event via an internet connection. Fans would scan the card at any stadium terminal to expediently complete a transaction: the balance on their card would be updated instantly.


To learn more about our POS system and the benefits it can provide to the fans and stadium operators, please contact us at 952 249 1999.



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