Touch Dynamic is a certified manufacturer of All-in-One touch terminals, small form factor PC’s, mobile POS tablets and touch screen monitors for a variety of industries. Touch Dynamic's unique position as an onsite manufacturer, and focus on a limited product line, allows us to design, modify and support the unique hardware requirements of our customers



The Acrobat All-In-One with Android POS System is a POS system that is powerful and durable enough to handle even the most demanding applications. True to its name, the Acrobat boasts a 14.1” widescreen LED LCD with a fully adjustable die-cast foldable base. In addition, this touch terminal is wall mountable and features a Projected Capacitive touchscreen and options that include a an MSR, fingerprint reader, and customer displays.

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The Podium Kiosk with a Universal Printer Base is Touch Dynamic’s answer to the industry’s need for a low cost, highly efficient kiosk solution. The Podium Kiosk offers endless possibilities as you can mount any Touch Dynamic All-In-One on the Universal Printer Base to the Kiosk base. This includes the 14.1,” 15,” 17”&18.5” LED LCDs that allow you to customize the look, speed and storage space of your Podium Kiosk.

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If you are looking to implement a kiosk solution but don’t have the time or the internal development resource to spare, you are not alone: many of our clients have been tabling projects due to those two constraints. Touch Dynamic and WNS try to make it easier by teaming up to provide a more complete solution. Gone are the days when you need to search for multiple vendors to complete a single project: our collaborative efforts enables you to get the software and hardware you need to implement your solution as quickly and as easily as possible. Not only do we have extensive knowledge on the hardware, but also have first-hand experience in software development too.


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Our Process

Define the problem or opportunity 

Develop or identify an application solution

Determine the best kiosk hardware for your project

Ensure seamless integration between application and kiosk

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