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Retail Inspections

Mobile Inspection Software for the Retail

Manage and inspect equipment from cooking appliances, storage rooms and coolers, and goods with Inspector+. Ensure food safety with Inspector+ within your retail locations, all through one application.   

Complete Facility Management

  • Utilize Inspector+ for equipment maintenance, appliances are clean and running property.

  • Ensure you are maintaining compliance with mandatory barcode scanning and time & date stamped submissions. 

  • Assign inspections, create work orders, and oversee the operation all from backend management system. 

  • Integrate Inspector+ directly with your existing framework; we take care of the development.

Rugged Mobile Computers

  • As a reseller of mobile handhelds, WNS can recommend the best-suited equipment for your operation, hand-picked from all of the major suppliers.

  • For hospital and clinics, we can recommend handhelds designed specifically for clinicians, which can be used for day-to-day scanning.

  • Receive the full solution through WNS - both the hardware and software to set up your mobile inspection infrastructure. 



  • Keep the forms that matter to you: we can create or recreate any existing form on the application, custom tailored to you.

  • Questions can be constructed in yes/no, checkbox, pull-down, multiple choice, or text box format - whatever makes it easiest for you.  

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See how Inspector+ can help streamline your Retail operations.

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