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Call customer service now at 877.289.9467 or fill out the support request form below. We are dedicated to responding quickly to cater to your service needs.


Wireless Network Solutions is committed to guiding our clients throughout the duration of our business relationship. We provide a client centered experience that focuses on the specific needs of each client ranging from the initial consultation to product education, customized solutions, installation, software application support and technical support.




Our team of professionals will guide you to the products or total solution packages you need for a successful implementation of our technology based solutions. Our support staff is here to recommend the best options for your particular business needs and strategies. If you have questions during the installation or implementation of a solution, we are available to help keep the installation successful.


For customers that purchase custom software solutions, we offer remote IT support through Soti MobiControl. This maximizes your uptime and reduces the need for an office visit for your IT needs.



Wireless Network Solutions provides remote support for eligible solutions. If a customer requires technical assistance, Wireless Network Solutions will be on the phone working through technical assistance over the internet. Gone are the days of waiting for a technician to drive to your facility - Wireless Network Solutions provides quick responses with the use of SOTI MobiControl software.


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