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Work With A Total Solution Kiosk Provider. 

Don't have the time or resource for kiosk software development? 

Consider utilizing a total solution provider.


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Most kiosk providers are focused on either the hardware or software side of the solution; very few have the capability or resource to do both. That's WNS's differentiating value: we can present a total solution for your healthcare kiosk project that gets the entire job done through one provider. No need to juggle or piece-together services; we follow a simple four-step process to ensure all components (both software and hardware) work seamlessly together.

Our Process

Define the problem or opportunity 

Develop or identify an application solution

Determine the best kiosk hardware for your project

Ensure seamless integration between application and kiosk

 Redefining Your Vision 

As an experienced Android application developer for barcode data collection, WNS has the unique advantage among resellers of being able to help you with both the hardware and software components of your business operation. In business for nearly 20 years, WNS has helped design, integrate, and validate barcoding systems for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Use our expertise to your advantage, and let us help you design and implement your total solution. 

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