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Inspections Made Easy

Imagine how painless your inspection process would be if you always knew the inspections were being performed accurately and honestly, and you no longer had to deal with tedious pen and paper forms. Inspector+ by WNS brings a cost-effective and efficient way to make you inspection process easy.

Even in today’s modern world, many inspections are done by pencil and paper. This new technology reduces the need for books and records by wirelessly centralizing and hosting all data in one system. By utilizing the management dashboard, managers can oversee processes while employees can use Inspector+ anywhere in the field providing real-time data. 

Marketplace Listings

Honeywell Reseller
Zebra Technologies Validated ISV
Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Mircosoft AppSource

Inspector+ is proud to receive the following certifications and can be found in the marketplaces listed below.

Featured Industries

Inspector+ for Airports

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