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Change Your Business For The Better

Turn the Latest Technology into Better Productivity, Efficiency, and Compliance

From the manufacturing floor and warehouse to retail stores and hospitals, technology is the greatest agent of change in today’s enterprise industries.

WNS works with organizations across all industries to leverage the latest data capture, automation, mobility, and software solutions to streamline workflows, increase productivity and efficiency, and maximize compliance.

Zebra Technologies Products

We partner with the world’s leading hardware and software developers, including Zebra Technologies, to put the most cost-effective solutions at your fingertips:

  • Handheld, hands-free, and vehicle-mounted mobile computers

  • Barcode scanners, printers, labels, and supplies

  • RFID readers, tags, printers, and infrastructure

  • Point-of-care and patient identification solutions

  • ID cards and wristbands, printers, and software

  • Maintenance and inspection software, Inspector+

  • Inventory management and asset tracking solutions

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Zebra Technolgoies
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