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Opticon focuses on developing 1D laser and 2D imager scan engines. These engines are used in turn to power fixed mount scanners, cabled and wireless scanners, data collectors, companion scanners and smartphones.  Opticon designs and manufactures its products in ISO 9001 certified facilities, and observes international standards of quality, safety and environmental protection.



The Opticon OPI-3301i features a high speed, 2D Imager barcode scanner and a lightweight, ergonomic design that is perfect for all day, everyday use. The cordless, cable-free freedom of Bluetooth® wireless communication offers the ability to roam away from the host device, which improves productivity and scanning convenience.


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The device comes with an integrated 1D barcode reader or 2D imager. Due to the ergonomic design the H-27 is slimmer and lighter than an industrial device, and also stronger and more robust than a consumer phone. Moreover the 1.5 meter shock drop test, the IP65 rating, an operation temperature from -10⁰ to 50⁰ C and its 4.3"display (800 x 480 pixels) with Gorilla glass and anti-reflective coating give this Android 4.2.2 based device the durability you may expect.


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The NLV-3101, a 2D CMOS fixed mount imager, quickly and efficiently scans 1D and 2D barcodes. NLV-3101 features red LEDs to illuminate the viewable area and green LEDS to precisely target the barcode to be scanned.  Additionally, this fixed mount scanner has picture-capture capability: scanned images can be viewed to assist with troubleshooting in industrial applications


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OPH - 1005

The Opticon OPH-1005 is a reliable, durable and affordable mobile terminal that features an elegant design and a high speed (100 scans/second), integrated laser scanner that quickly and accurately scans barcodes. With its vibrant color display and compact size and weight – 2.17”W x 5.35”L x 0.91”D and 4.9 ounces – the OPH-1005 is the ideal solution for inventory control and mobile sales automation.


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OPL - 9815

The OPL-9815, a Bluetooth™ laser scanner from Opticon, features GPS, a real-time clock and 18-key operation for data-capture applications that require location and time stamps, as well as data entry. The OPL-9815 is perfect for inventory, logistics, warehouse and retail applications.


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