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Transitioning out of Windows Mobile 6.5

As we all know, Windows Mobile 6.5’s time in the sun is rapidly setting; mainstream support for the operating system was cut off in January of 2015, and we can expect devices carrying Windows Mobile 6.5 to disappear from the market within the next 5 years. If your barcode data collection applications are still running on Windows Mobile 6.5., you are most likely well aware that a transition to a new OS is eminent for your operation.

But this is hardly new news to most; in fact, if you are like most of the businesses we speak with, you would have already migrated out of Windows Mobile a few years ago were it not for the sheer busyness and time-scarcity existing in your business. Hardly anyone has the resource or the time to tie up their development team with the task of migrating their legacy software onto a new operating system. As a result, Windows Mobile 6.5 remains the primary platform for many businesses today; not by choice, but out of a lack of available resource to move forward.

If this situation resonates with your business, you are certainly not alone: as a matter of fact, we (WNS) faced this same dilemma a few years back with our barcode-based inspection application, Inspector+. We knew that in order to ensure a future for Inspector+ we would have to transition it out of Windows Mobile 6.5, and so we took it upon ourselves to port our application over to an Android platform. In doing so, we developed a unique expertise in transitioning software to an Android platform, and have already begun to use that expertise to aid our clients with development projects of their own.

If you are looking to move your software to a next-generation platform, but do not have the time or resource to do so, we can help bridge the gap by lending our custom development expertise in a barcode data collection setting. We can provide the necessary development resource and time to ensure that your legacy software runs seamlessly on the latest barcode data collection equipment, taking the worry of moving over to a new operating system completely off of your shoulders. Contact us today for a free consultation and to discover new options for transitioning out of Windows Mobile 6.5.


ABOUT WNS: WNS understands that hardware is only a small part of your total business solution; in truth, your software is really what is at the core of your business operation. While traditional resellers of barcode data collection equipment speak mostly terms of device memory, drop-heights, and radio-capabilities (all hardware-related specs), WNS has the added experience as an android application developer to address the heart of your operation: your software. We know firsthand that transitioning your existing applications to a new platform can require a significant development effort; we did it ourselves with our own application, Inspector+. Let us help you with your migration to android, as a reseller that will not just provide you with the best-fit equipment, but with all the development and resource necessary to ensure the seamless integration of your existing business applications.

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