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WNS officially becomes a Zebra ISV Member

In addition to being a Registered Reseller, Wireless Network Solutions is excited to officially join the Zebra ISV Community! Ever since introducing Inspector+ to the market in 2011, WNS has viewed ourselves as a "Hybrid" Reseller. Not only do we have years of industry expertise on data collection and hardware, but we also have experience writing application, Inspector+.

Inspector+ is a cloud-based Android application that enables businesses to move their inspection processes past pen and paper reporting. Utilizing barcode scanning technology, Inspector+ allows employees to scan in inspection assets, fill out customizable inspection forms, and send their reports directly to a backend management system stored in the cloud.

WNS is excited about the release of Inspector+ 4.0. Join us for the Inspector+ 4.0 Pre-Release Webinar on November 3rd 1:00pm CST / 2:00pm EST. Sign up below:

Interested in learning more about the Zebra Product Line and/or Inspector+? Reach out to WNS for a free consultation: 952-249-1999 or

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