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Mobile, Desktop, and Industrial Printers: Why Not All Three?

Explore how barcode printers can be used across your business to increase productivity and reduce your bottom line.

Desktop, Industrial, Mobile Printers

Barcode printers print barcodes to be used on commonly labeled items, such as products, assets, inventory, supplies, pallets, and perishables. In addition to printing labels and tags, some barcode printers can even create plastic ID cards, wristbands, tickets, and RFID tags.

With the predominance of #barcodes today, having the right type of barcode printer in your environment is essential.

The barcode printer has proven its value in not only manufacturing and retail, but also in healthcare and other work environments. Whether it is an industrial printer for use in the warehouse or a desktop machine that prints out tickets or receipts, the barcode printer comes in a variety of forms that are useful across a variety of industries.

If your work requires tracking a product and/or creating accountability, you are probably very familiar with the benefits of barcodes. From issuing wristbands and tags in hospitals to automation in manufacturing, the ability to print barcodes efficiently and accurately is an ever-growing need.

Industrial, desktop, and mobile computers all have use in your environment.

Industrial printers are used for high-performance print jobs, and are well-suited for labels used in manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and logistics. They are built for durability, higher print speed, and come in handy for your high-volume printing needs. Desktop printers provide a compact printing solution for your files, records, and labeling. Mobile printers offer an affordable and efficient solution for labeling directly within an environment.

With advances in barcode printing solutions, your business can benefit from investing in barcode printers that fit the many different environments of your industry.

For example, hospitals and other healthcare industries often utilize all three varieties of barcode printers: Desktop and industrial printers help streamline chain processes and reduce overall healthcare costs, while mobile printers improve efficiencies by printing barcode labels reliably, quickly, and directly at the point of care.

Today’s industrial printers are smart-connected devices that last for years and provide high-level security. They produce high-quality barcode, text, and graphic labels, 24/7 in any environment.

Desktop barcode printers are perfect for economical, low-volume needs. Their compact design, quiet and intuitive operation, and reliability allows you to print labels, tickets, tags, receipts, or wristbands efficiently and economically.

Mobile barcode printers equip your employees with the power to print on demand to improve productivity, precision, and accuracy.

When investing in printing systems, barcode quality is your top priority. Unfortunately, print quality is often overlooked until it causes a problem. For suppliers who must abide by trading partner compliance labeling requirements, print quality problems are very expensive. Compliance labeling infractions have cost suppliers millions of dollars in chargebacks and losses from refused shipments, plus untold damage to customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, Zebra Technologies supplies are designed to meet industry standards, so you can meet compliance goals. Whatever your print needs, there’s a Zebra printer for you.

Desktop Printers

High-performance desktop printers blend fast speed, dependable accuracy, easy usage, low IT requirements, and network manageability. These printers can be used to print everything from nameplates and product labels to wristbands, receipts, and retail inventory. With a simplified user interface, printing what you need is quick and hassle-free, so printing can seamlessly continue. Zebra’s wide range of desktop printers integrate unique features, so the right models can be used for the right situations.

Industrial Printers

Rugged and durable to withstand busy and demanding conditions, Zebra's industrial printers are used by businesses in transportation, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare sectors that need instant printing with incredible speed and accuracy. Zebra industrial printers can be used in situations that require labeling, tagging, asset and inventory management, shipping and receiving, quality control, compliance labeling, and much more.

Examples of the benefits Zebra industrial printers provide range from making sure thousands of orders are shipped to the right locations on time, to ensuring lab samples are properly labeled. Not having an accurate and dependable printer can mean everything from diminished safety of healthcare patients, to the loss of millions of dollars in inventory because of inaccurate transportation information.

Mobile Printers

Zebra mobile printers allow for more speed and efficiency within a business since employees can carry an elegant, ergonomic, and easy-to-use printer with them wherever they go and use it in an instant to get the job done or help a customer or patient. Zebra mobile printers can print tickets, receipts, barcodes, labels, and more. A salesperson can conduct a transaction right in the aisle of a store, improving customer satisfaction.

Use Zebra printers to label items on the spot, ensuring information is correct. Items can be labeled in the moment, improving accuracy. Forcing employees to move to a plugged-in printer wastes time and energy. Mobile printers are easily movable and adaptable for a wide variety of locations and scenarios.

Whether you are making deliveries, manufacturing or distributing goods, or assisting patients, Zebra Technologies has mobile, desktop, and industrial printers that help you operate at your peak. Remote management is effortless, integration is easy, and performance is unrivaled. Zebra even helps you gain at-a-glance visibility into asset inventory and the health of all your networked printers with Visibility Services.

To learn more about barcode label printing solutions, contact WNS here.


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