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New Janam Kiosk Provides Safer Check-in Protocol

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

As we adjust to a world fighting #COVID19, it's important to identify if anyone has symptoms of the virus. Janam's GT2 Temperature Sensing Kiosk enables businesses to protect the health and safety of employees and guests by identifying anyone with a fever and/or without a face mask prior to that person gaining access to a facility.

Janam GT2 Temperature Sensing Kiosk
All-new Janam GT2!

Janam's Android-powered GT2 is easy-to-deploy while implementing in a timely matter. GT2 is designed for sports and live entertainment venues, airports, hospitals, retail establishments, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, schools and virtually any organization that wants to check the temperature and confirm the identity of individuals entering their facilities.

As a first line of defense against COVID-19 and other contagions, GT2 screens an individuals temperature in less than one second, from up to 20 inches away, the process is more hygienic than thermometers that require physical contact. Individuals are alerted if they have a fever prior to entering the building.

Janam GT2 files the information for all the individuals that recorded a temperature in the normal range. This Android based device can be set to recognized a registered population, such as, a building's staff and guest, company's employees, as well as student and faculty at a school or university. The Temperature Sensing Kiosk has three different mount options, which are to place the Janam GT2 on a tablet stand, wall, or gate mount.

Advantages of the all-new Janam GT2:

  • Thermal Scanning

  • Facial Recognition

  • Instant Alerts

  • No Touch, Self-service

Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by investing in a Janam CT2 for your organization today! Connect with WNS to inquire about pricing, availability, or request more information. Call WNS at (952) 249-1999 or fill out the Contact Us form!

Janam GT2 Temperature Sensing Kiosk are available online at the WNS Store. Click here to view listing!


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