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  • Andrew Eagan

Quick Start for Mobile App Development

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

With any mobile handheld or tablet, the central purpose of that device's function relies on the software that runs on it. WNS understands that the software helps drive the hardware solution when implementing a new process to your organization's workflow. WNS is proud to offer application development services to our Clients.

You might be thinking, "Software development? Where do I even start?" Not to worry, WNS is here to help walk you through the latest development tools offered by Microsoft and dive into the Cloud.

The begin steps are the most important to develop the strategy for the application's architecture. Answering the following questions should align with the organizations long-term strategy within the IT Department.

1.) Do we want a native app or web-based app? 2.) Where are we going to host the app? Cloud or On-Premise?

3.) What programming language do we want to use?

VIDEO: How Does Microsoft Azure Work

Have your ever heard of Xamarin? Here at WNS, we have partnered with Microsoft to leverage their latest development tools, such as Xamarin, to migrate our Inspector+ app from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Android. The latest development tools from Microsoft allows for organizations to utilize a variety of resources to create a unique application for their business needs.

Microsoft provides developers with a centralized site to develop apps with Xamarin with Visual Studio. Visual Studio is the center for everything that revolves around the code from development to implementation. Xamarin is a programming language that has one shared .NET code base allowing Developers to create a cross platform app. Developers are able to create apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows. Within Visual Studio, developers can easily edit and debug apps. Azure DevOps, formerly Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), provide all members involved in the project a center to plan and report any issue that come up as the project continues to progress. Thoughout all these tools, it provides development team with a robust platform to design, create, implement and manage applications.

If you are interested in learning more about Xamarin and Azure, reach out to WNS by filling out the contact form! We'd be happy to share with you our experience leverage the latest Microsoft Development tools and see how you can take advantage of the platform.


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