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  • Andrew Eagan

Accelerate Your Business (RECAP)

Hi, it's Andrew Eagan here. I am the Business Development Manager for Wireless Network Solutions. Last week, I attend a seminar put on by Microsoft & Intel on how to: Accelerate Your Business. Feature speakers included: Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit, National Media Personalities, Carol Roth & Gene Marks. Here is my recap of the morning:

At the beginning of the seminar Gene Marks, reminded all of in the room to always be looking ahead how what is next for your business. Whether you are thinking about expansion, new technology, embracing new ideology methods, or strategy to strengthen you UVP (Unique Value Proposition), you should always be looking ahead.

Gary Fowle, VP of OEM, US at Microsoft told us the core to Microsoft's strategy is the Cloud as they believe are are in the beginning of the 4th Digital Revolution: Digitization where tens of billions of devices will be connected.

"Test, Iterate, and Repeat," keynote speaker Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit reminded all of the entrepreneurs and entrepreneur hopefuls as he shared his story about starting out of college and rejoining Reddit in 2014. As he pulled up examples from the first versions to the public of Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter none of them were the most pleasing to the eye, glamours nor beautiful. But they all had one thing in common, the companies got their ideas in-front of the users. Ohanian told us that the most important thing as entrepreneurs is to get your ideas in-front of your users as soon as possible.

To close out the morning, Carol Roth shared her secrets on how to achieve user loyalty. As businessman and businesswoman we are always trying to find new opportunities and customers for our business, Roth said, "Customer loyalty has to be at the core of all buying and selling" and never compete on price, compete on value.

Curious to hear more about the Microsoft & Intel Accelerate Your Business Seminar? Connect with WNS by giving us a call at 952-249-1999 or follow us on Twitter at @WNS_Tech to keep posted about new product offerings and events.

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