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  • Andrew Eagan

Tough industrial environment requires tough industrial printer

When you’re working in a tough industrial environment—manufacturing plant, warehouse, distribution center, yard, terminal, or port—you choose equipment that’s purpose-built for the job. For barcode labels, you need a thermal printer that won’t buckle under the harsh conditions.

Zebra has designed and engineered the industry’s most advanced and rugged industrial printers. The ZT600 is the latest addition to Zebra’s industrial printers, advancing the technology of Zebra’s industry-leading Xi4 Series. The new ZT610 and ZT620 join the ZT400 and ZT200 Series.

Each of the ZT200, ZT400, and ZT600 industrial printers provides a full range of thermal printing options. They all feature an all-metal casing that protects the interior mechanisms from the external abuses. The bi-fold, side-loading doors on each model add space-saving design and ease of media loading.

With the brawn on the outside, an industrial thermal printer needs the balance of brain on the inside, to deliver the functionality you need. An intuitive user-interface makes it easy for the workers to set up, load, operate, and even troubleshoot the printer, because downtime is not an option. You also need processing power for fast throughput so that the printer keeps up with your needs. A high-performance printer also requires some future-forward flexibility, so you can expand and adapt to your changing needs, like connectivity and media handling.

The print speeds are equally superior: 6 inches per second (ips) for the ZT200 and up to 14 ips for the ZT400 and ZT600, while still delivering the print precision (resolution and registration) you require. The ZT610 prints up to 600 dpi, the high resolution you need for the precision you need for micro-labels, as small as 3mm x 3mm.

Zebra’s industrial printers are also ENERGY STAR-rated to help you conserve energy while running with peak performance power. Get tougher on your expectations. Talk to us by calling 952-249-1999 or e-mail WNS to see Zebra’s rugged, powerful industrial printers.

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