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  • Andrew Eagan

VIDEO: Introducing SOTI MobiControl 14

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for mobility and IoT management. Globally, over 17,000 companies depend on SOTI to enable their strategies for mobile devices, applications, content, as well as endpoints for the Internet of Things. Extensive vertical experience and technology partnerships give SOTI unparalleled insight into market trends and cutting-edge business solutions. SOTI’s commitment to innovation ensures your business is one step ahead with the solutions you need to take mobility to endless possibilities.

WNS is excited to announce the release of SOTI MobilControl 14. Learn more about the latest features you can take advantage of SOTI MobiControl 14 by watch the brief video below.

Key features include:

  • Remote support (remote view / remote control, file sync, and 2-way chat)

  • Kiosk restricted lock down screen for one application or a suite of applications

  • Ability to manage mixed mobility and IoT deployments

Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about what SOTI MobiControl can do for your business by calling WNS at (952) 249-1999 or e-mail.

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