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Desktop thermal printers deliver performance at an affordable price

Thermal printers come in all sizes, from the mobile printers that weigh less than 2 pounds to the heavyweight industrial printers. When you need to produce barcode labels or receipts, Wireless Network Solutions can help you find a thermal printer that meets your needs for print speed, media size, resolution, connectivity, and size.

Zebra designed the G-Series desktop thermal printers to serve the needs of businesses that need an easy-to-use thermal printer for a low- to moderate volume of barcode labels and receipts—perfect for a healthcare environment, including the pharmacy, lab, and blood bank.

  • The GX420 direct thermal or thermal transfer printer is compact and versatile, with a variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth 2.0.

  • The GX430 produces higher resolution output, at 300 dpi, enabling quality printing of small labels, text, and graphics.

  • Zebra’s GK420 is an advanced desktop thermal printer (available as direct thermal or thermal transfer) that boasts print speeds of 4 inches per second (ips) and flexible connectivity. The GK420 Healthcare model features a wipable plastic casing and medical-grade power supply. (picture on the right)

  • The GT800 is designed for larger ribbon capacity to reduce the need to change settings. A faster processor and larger memory enables quicker processing and support for more graphics and longer labels.

  • The GC420 offers an affordable way to produce the barcode receipts and labels you need. Available as direct thermal or thermal transfer, you can choose the technology that best suits your needs.

Desktop thermal printers give you the advantage of utilizing barcode and data collection technology as an affordable option that also delivers quality printing. Contact Wireless Network Solutions to learn how these solutions can increase your efficiency or request a quote by calling us at 952-249-1999 or e-mailing a WNS representative.

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