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  • Andrew Eagan

Time to inspect your inspection process: Is it accurate, efficient, and thorough enough?

The primary purpose of inspections is to ensure safety. When you carefully assess the condition and status of your equipment, facilities, and systems—and follow up on necessary adjustments—you protect your people and business.

Too often, these facility and equipment inspections are done in a haphazard manner. The process doesn’t follow a routine schedule, the documentation isn’t standardized, or the reports are insufficient or incomplete. Manual methods just can’t offer the accuracy and timeliness you need for strong asset protection.

Inspector+ and the Zebra TC75 mobile computer present an easy-to-use solution that streamlines the inspection process and delivers the insight you need to ensure safety and compliance.

  • Ensure proper maintenance is conducted in a timely and thorough manner.

  • Reduce repair costs by proactively identifying potential problems.

  • Note recurring issues that could identify underlying causes—with the equipment, the users, or both.

  • Recognize equipment flaws or strengths that support procurement decisions.

  • Easily track the assets that are being regularly inspected

The Inspector+ software platform provides your inspectors with all of the forms you need, customized to your business needs. The forms can be accessed, even without an Internet connection, so your inspectors can work offline, as needed. The Zebra TC75 enables the inspector to scan barcodes (up to 32 inches away of each item inspected, ensuring accuracy. This rugged handheld computer also captures signatures and photos, and easily transmits data for real-time visibility. The TC75’s IP65 and IP67 sealing and Corning Gorilla Glass display protect the mobile device from water, dust, dirt, and even 8-foot drops to concrete.

Protect your valuable assets with a thorough inspection process, including more detailed and timely reporting. Contact Wireless Network Solutions for a demo of Inspector+ and the Zebra TC75 mobile computer.

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